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So, you really want to know about some of my other stories? There are a few.
Most of my stories are based in the world of Phantissare. Phantissare is a place where Fantasy and Science mix, where the middle ages of knights and dragons might be fought with guns. And if you get enough credits in high school, you'll be alowed to become a doctor, or Wizard!
It's mostly steam-technology, trains and airships, and little mechanical beasts, but there's still lots of sword clashing good fun. I just need to tell you this, so you won't beconfused by my radicaly twisted view of the time era. Trust me, I know what I'm doing.


A series of nice Fantasy stories. The first two are tales of the adventures of Aikanin Skylance, and his friends Benn and Jesan. Lance III passes the plot onto Aikanin's son, Xeno. In Lance IV, Xeno meets Armus, and disapears after his life is destroyed. Lance V features a new party of characters, lead by a Centaur, Archadies Elsdragon. Lance VI has Archadies' party meet up with Xeno, and they head off on a quest togeather to destroy Armus. Lance VII features a different setting, with new charaters and stuff.
I want to transfer these stories on-line, so you can ready them, but I'm busy with doing that for other stories right now. But you can still call me 'Lord of the Lance' :)
Contains depression, and some violence, but is still suitable for Disney (then again, what isn't?).

A kid who was looking for adventure gets just that, when he spots a wandering sailing vessel, and ends up jumping into a rebelion. This story is slightly more technology than fantasy, and includes space travel.
This is one of the stories I'm trying to get on-line for you to read right now. There are 56 (possibly 64 after the re-write) chapters. I'm working on ch. 5 now.

This isn't a Phantissare story. But it's just as weird. Set in modern times, where animal testing is almost a standard in all chemical manufacturers. Souls of passed-over cats can't stand what's being done to their people, and send back an avenging angel.
Contains a bit of violence, such as when people die. This is writen in Acts and scenes, but still reads like a novel.

This is a nifty tale, a play on an old legend in Phantissare. There are supposedly 100 Shadowgems scattered across a remote island. When some of them start turning up, two adventurers put aside the war that they are currently fighting to try to hunt them down. But their not alone.


I am currently working on a series of stories named ~Gather~. So far, I have 5 planned out, but I might have more. They feature Sid Neal, and his brother Jegg, who go from almost-ordinary fishermen to knights of the realm. They fit somewhere between General and Mature in content, featuring things enjoyable by kids, and things enjoyable by adults ;). But not much of the latter. Anyway, I'm working on putting these on-line too.


The story of a Dragon born into a hateful cult, but learns love and carring, and finds a mate. I don't want to say too much about it, because I have most of it on-line, for you to read for yourself.
Contains violence, sex, foul language, and lots of other stuff mom doesn't want you to read. So don't tell her :)
Special thanks to the denizens of the Chat House, for helping create a background to this story. It is Neo-Phantissare, with references to other Phantissare stories (Legacy IV, VI), but has a future involving the real-world's history (yes, there's time travel). A paradox, even for me.

~Untitled (Tournament)
I hate having stories without a name, but two of them exist (for now). This one is about a huge tournament, involving 30 fighters engaging in 29 battles, in a fight to determine a world-leader. These are the most powerful Mortals in the world, even though most of them don't seem like it.

This, like Celtic, is writen in Acts and Scenes instead of chapters. It's about the general of the kings army, who is sent on the quest of finding, and killing the beast that defiled, and disturbed the Sigma church, the single most holy place in Phantissare. But the beast was a peaceful Unicorn, who was unnaware of her actions.
This is a very good story if you need something to darken your day, but it includes lots of violence, and a little bit of horsey-love. The end is probably not what you'd expect. But then again, that's my job :)

One of my personal favorites, Gore (named after the action, not the substance) features a key of Islands not yet discovered, who's enhabitants are human-like wolves. VERY violent, and partialy racy at times.
This is actually a comic-series, but due to my restricted space, I can only scan in a few pannels per story. Don't be too disheartened.


A nice Quick horror story. ~COMPLETE!~. Enjoy yourself.

Sci-fi. Think that in the future there will be no plane crashes? Guess again.


Feeling down? Lost your friends? You should read this. It won't make you feel better, but you will be able to relate to it.