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...and it's result

Being the modest person I am, I'll make this as sanitary as I can


Dragons, as all sensible creatures do, have very tasty dreams of inadvertantly creating offspring. Their urges, along with hormones, usualy bring togeather a family unit, in the best way possible.
Male dragons look for certan qualities, as do females. Males think their looking for beauty, but it's really a search for the best dragoness possible to physicly bear and nourture young. Females look for a dragon that can provide, and be responsible enough to make them, and future children, happy.
There are thousands of courtship rituals amungst dragon society. Some are short, some last weeks, some involve three words: "I want you". Some require dance, some require song, some require displays of bravery. Usualy, all of them work, depending on the culture of the dragon that is targeted.


Dragons do it the way almost every other living thing does it. He takes his thing, and puts it in her. They dance around, and he passes his sperm into her, in hopes of contacting with her eggs. And if not 'Drat, I guess we have to do it again *wink wink*. Don't you just love nature?
If you feel in any way disapointed by my explenation, feel free to save the picture on the left side of the screen. (MAC's: click and hold on the picture, drag the cursor to 'Save Picture As...'. PC's: Click the right mouse button, and do the same thing)


Conception is just as one might think, male sperm enter the females tubes, where they meet her eggs, and impregnate them. Females usualy produce multiple eggs at once, which is why they have litters.
A few months after the dragoness becomes pregnant, she will begin to grow as the eggs do. Once the eggs have a hard enough shell (this usualy won't be until over half of the time between sex, and hatching), the female finds a nice spot and lays them. The average western dragon takes about 4 months pregnancy, and 3 months in eggs before it is born unto the world.


yep, after all this, the offspring become stable enough to experience life first hand. They hatch from their eggs, a litter of little dragons, each like their mother and father. It will be about a year before they are truly independant, and relly on their parents until then.
Well, not all of them. Some races abandon their eggs as soon as they are laid, and that's okay with them.

With dragons there are exceptions to every rule. This will also be true with the next generation of dragons...