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A Dragon, Captured and Riden

A Dragon chatting with friends

Taking Care of Young
Dragons are facinating not only in appearence and ability, but in personality as well. Dragons are highly advanced social creatures, and can be very emotional at times.
Granted, there are good and evil dragons, but there are also Good and evil Humans too. Evilness is a natural a trail as having green scales (no typecasting here). Dragons can range greatly in their personalities, from very complex characters to rather dull individuals. Some dragons are kind and caring. Some are ruthless and cruel. But each is mentaly unique, and has their own place in a dragon society.
Dragons have a very structured social machine. There are thousands of clans, cults, flights, and gathers of dragons. Each different, each with a leader, each with a purpose. Dragons are very loyal, and respectful. Honor everything, even the opponent at war-time. And a Dragon almost always keeps his word.
Dragons enjoy all kinds of activities, and some even suport hobbies. Dragons enjoy thrills, and hunting. They enjoy learning about interesting things, and talking with friends. Dragons hate loosing, or being tricked. They're not known to have a healthy sense of humor, but know a good joke if they hear one.
Dragon shave very strong family ties. Hatchlings stay with their parents through their infancy, and even some time after that. Families are usualy very close, even closer that bonds in the clans.
There are many Dragon religions, too. Not all Dragons practice religion, but most clans are fast-bound to it. Dragon messiahs are usualy the Greater Class Dragons. The Dragon God is called Bahamut, and the Dragon devil is named Khesisus. Another well-noted Dragon God is Tiamate, who created the universe (Bahamut just rules it, because Tiamate is long dead).


Dragons can be divided into three social classes, or standings. There is rarely interaction between the standings, especialy clan-wise. However, there are always exceptions to every rule, and some cross-over has been noted.
Lesser Class Dragons are wild beasts. They have a small language of primitive roars, and no technology. They are just animals, and very unintellegent to prove it. Most don't know what to make of door-knobs. Lesser Dragons are often captured and riden by Humans, where they make the best steeds possible!
Mid Class Dragons are intellegent, skilled, and very friendly. They have the intellegence of a regular human, and knowledge of their technology and language as well.
Greater Class Dragons are mystics. The origionaters of magic, and control over the earth. They are extreamly intellegent, and powerful. Greater Class Dragons are the guardians of the earth, and possess the greatest magical power of any mortal race.
Most Eastern Dragons are of the greater class. It is thought that some dragons still live, all of which are Greater Class, able to shape-shift, and camoflauge themselves like chameleons.