LAST UPDATED: 10 / 4 / 97
  • Flight of Dragons, by Peter Dickens
  • Here be Dragons!: Physiology, by Jennifer Walker
  • Everything else is my own speculation (Richard Anthony)
  • For thousands of years, Dragons have captivated the minds of men, and have insipred many tales, poems and songs (not to mention high-budget movies) about them and their glory.

    Special Features

    Dragons were megestic creatures, who roamed the earth long before man. Unfortunatly, they fell into extinction sometime in the 14th century, AD.
    But they did have a long rule over the world, and a productive one. Dragons were very spirited and noble creatures. And even though some were evil, dragons became a symbol of strength, bravery, power, and most of all; control.
    Until their fall, Dragons were admired, by all sorts of people. Peasents to Czars all shared a fascination, even if suddle, towards the dragon... the most beautiful creature in the world.
    Big thanks to everyone out there who has documented, or created art featuring dragons. Too these people I owe my inspiration, information, and fascination with Dragons. Take a Bow!!